Converse Anywhere

Create conversational apps integrated with your business systems and preferred platforms.

Meet your audience wherever they are, to deliver services, tell stories and drive interaction.


Be Independent

As open source, self-hosted software under MIT licence, there's no registration, usage limits or platform dependencies.

Our focus is security and privacy. You keep full control of the conversation and user data with enterprise level audit trails.


Build Better Bots

Use our framework to adapt to unique requirements.
Don't surrender control to cloud services.

✅ Build integrations for business logic

✅ Can run entirely on-premise

✅ Persist data beyond bot run time

✅ Rapid prototypes with staged deployments

✅ Version managed, easy to debug and test

✅ Isolate content for team co-author workflows

bBot provides a full suite of conversational features.
Consistent standards let you build with confidence.

✅ Remember user details and personalise messages

✅ Translate and filter content asynchronously

✅ Use conversation context for dynamic branching

✅ Combine NLU with simple text matching

✅ Tailor error responses specific to each branch

✅ Handle conversations with input from multiple users

Developer Intro

Alpha Release

bBot alpha is in active development.

We're streamlining our docs and developer tools as a matter of priority.

The quickest way to get started is to grab our boilerplate code and get hacking! ✨

Fork the boilerplate

Quick Start

1. bBot is a Node.js package, so it requires Node and NPM

2. Start a new project with npm init

3. Install bBot as a dependency with npm install --save bbot

4. Create an index.js file as per example below

5. Run the bot with node index.js

Hello World

Create an index.js for a simple hello world chatbot

const bot = require('bbot')
bot.global.text(/say Hello World/, (b) => {
  b.respond(`Hello World!`)

Test interactions by chatting in your terminal

Learn more

We're sharing new features and learning from our maker community. Get access to support and help all our bots achieve their potential.

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Follow our boilerplate demo...

Amazebot's founder Tim Kinnane guides you through setup and first steps to defining bot behaviour and responses, including persisting user data.

We'll be posting a series of developer video guides soon on natural language branching, sentiment analysis and rich message features.


Supported in Alpha

Planned for Release

SlackGoogle HangoutsDiscordMessengerTelegramKikIBM WatsonRasa.aiGoogle CloudRedisZapierStackStorm

Our Sponsors

bBot for Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is our official sponsor. We've worked with their community since the beginning and benefited from their open and collaborative approach. Though bBot is committed to remaining platform independent, developers working with Rocket.Chat will probably encounter the most frictionless experience.

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We're an open source project committed to providing the best quality product for our community. We've got a vision to fund growth through support and bespoke solutions for enterprise users. First we need to resource our core offering by partnering with select sponsors. Be part of the future of conversation.

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